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The Tactical Dad Baby Carrier

Tactical Dad Kickstarter

[UPDATE 9/28/16]: Thank you to everyone that backed our Kickstarter project but unfortunately, we didn't meet our goal. We're all bummed here but as with any hurdle, we're going to learn from this experience, make adjustments and continue moving forward with the baby carrier design and production. If you want to stay updated on our progress and receive an early bird special, be sure to signup using the form below. Thanks again for all your support!

We heard you Tactical Dad Family and we're working our butts off designing the most tactical baby carrier EVER. Read a little bit more about it below and let us know your thoughts

We released our Dad on Diaper Duty Pack back in 2014 but felt something was missing. It wasn’t long before we realized the existing pack needed a counterpart, a baby carrier. 

We wanted a baby carrier that not only functioned well but also worked in conjunction with our existing Dad on Diaper Duty pack. After some brainstorming and initial mockups we started working with local designers, manufacturers and child care experts to design and construct a bag that met all the necessary child safety rules and regulations. To date, we’ve been able to create a working prototype that we’ve used personally with our own children. The next steps are to expand on this prototype, start mass production and get these products out to you, the customer.

Prototype #1

Tactical Dad baby carrierTactical Dad baby carrierTactical Dad baby carrierTactical Dad baby carrier

Mockup of prototype 2 - better but not there yet. 

Tactical Dad baby carrier prototype 2

Currently, we're working on prototype #3. We're in the middle of finding childcare safety experts to help us address any possible issues with designing a baby carrier. Also, we're in the final stages of the design, more molle webbing! We'll keep you posted on all the developments. Until then, please support our Kickstarter Campaign for the baby carrier.

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