Our Story


Tactical Dad Bryan Fikes

Like many new Dads before me I struggled with the parenting gear that was available. The only options for Diaper bags and baby carriers were pink and flowery and designed for women. Going in public immediately caused problems. I wasn't going to wear that in public so I held the baby and she carried the purse.

Tactical Dad Diaper Bags

As you can imagine this didn't go over well for a new mom who wanted to show off her new addition. It was this lack of cool dad gear that led us to create the Tactical Dad Pack, also known as the D.O.D.D (Dad on Diaper Duty).

Tactical Dad Retail Display

We want to solve another problem we encountered and thats the void in the market for front baby carriers designed with dads in mind. What would be cooler than combining the two together? A front carrier that connects directly to the Tactical Dad Pack to allow for completely hands-free fathering.

Tactical Dad Billboard