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Sharing Nature with Your Kids

April 27, 2015 2 min read

There’s nothing quite like the first time you get to take your kid on an outdoor trip – it’s a special experience that you can’t replicate! Giving young people a healthy respect and admiration for nature isn’t always easy to achieve, but there really aren’t many better ways to bond. Once your kids are old enough to enjoy and understand the world around them, it’s an excellent time to plan some sharing trips.

You’ve probably loved the great outdoors all your life. Where did that sense of wonder start? Probably when you were very young. Think back… did you take trips with your dad that created lasting memories? Recreate those trips with your own little ones, and odds are they’ll feel the same. Those rare moments of solitude and spending family time together will last a lifetime.

What else do you love about nature? Find ways to bring your kids along and share. Regardless of age, there are ways to help your kids learn to love, appreciate, and respect the outdoors. Love fishing? Maybe you can try for smaller, kid-friendly catches like perch or even crawdads. It’s an excellent opportunity not only to spend time together, but help learn more about how the life cycle works. Every day is a good day for a science lesson.

If your kids are old enough, camping is always an excellent choice. Take a weekend and show them how to pack up, pitch a tent, tend and respect a fire, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Stories around the campfire have never been this much fun… this time, you’re the dad making the creepy noises in the background!

Even if your children are very young, don’t be afraid to take the

m out for a hike. We have all the gear and supplies you’ll need to take care of your family in the wilderness and help encourage their love of nature. Happy trails!

Bryan Fikes
Bryan Fikes